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Industries and Clients

Agricultural Production

As the state's dominant industry, agriculture production receives a great deal of emphasis at our firm.  in addition to our regular tax courses, we regularly attend seminars specifically geared to issues affecting this industry.  We also subscribe to an online Farm Tax Network and Kipplingers Farm Tax Newsletter, which keeps us abreast of the latest tax cases, IRS regulations, and other developments affecting ranchers and farmers.


The hospitality industry, including bars, restaurants, lodges, motels, guide services, casinos, and related activities is becoming more and more important to the area's economy.  We have a strong commitment to this industry.  Because we work with so many businesses in this area, we are able to provide strong business advice and help our clients network with others in the industry.


The heart of our small town economies is the retail store,  We work with a wide range of retailers up and down main street.  In an industry with ever tighter profit margins, it is increasingly important that our local retailers take advantage of every possible chance to maximize income and minimize expense and taxes.  We help our retail clients do that.

Non-Profit Organizations

We provide review and compilation services to several non-profit organizations.  This specialized type of accounting has become an important part of our firm's financial statement preparations.  We also assist these organizations with payroll services and sales taxes and other issues.


Clients who have their savings invested look to us for ways to minimize tax burdens.  Changes in tax laws make this an especially interesting area of our practice.  We can provide advice in using realized losses to offset gains from other areas of our clients' portfolios.  Please not that we do not give specific investment advice.


Our construction clients range from one man operations to large general contractors.  We are able to meet the specialized financial statement requirements for this industry.  Our payroll services can help the small operations with one or two employees avoid the problems associated with payroll taxes.

Day Care

Day care has become even more important with the prevalence of two-income families.  This type of business has special deductions allowed by the tax code.  We work with our day care providers to take full advantage of these provisions.


This industry has a special place in our firm's consciousness.  Several members of our team have trucking backgrounds, and we work with both trucking companies and owner-operators to help minimize their tax burdens and make their operations profitable.  In this highly competitive industry, it is essential that businesses take advantage of every financial opportunity.

Oil and Gas

In addition to the trucking businesses related to the oil and gas industry, we have had several clients involved in this industry.

Native American Economy

We feel that one of the areas most likely to grow in the near future is the economy of Indian Country.  To put it simply, there is nowhere to go but up.  Over thee last 25 years we have worked with many Native American individuals, tribal entities, businesses and nonprofits.  We work with our clients to take full advantage of deductions, credits, and exemptions available on the reservations.  Many of the operations we work with continue to experience regular growth.